Infectious Diseases


Infectious Diseases

Discovery of Antibiotics

Veterinary Infectious Diseases

Antibiotic Therapy

Paediatric Infectious Diseases

Production in Antibiotics

Infection & Immune System

Antimicrobial Resistance

HIV/Zika/Ebola & other Viruses

Antimicrobial Peptides

Infectious Diseases Epidemiology

Pharmacology of Antibiotics

Vaccine & Vaccination

Antibiotics in Oncology

Infectious/ Plant Disease Modelling

Medical Use Of Antibiotics

Molecular Bacteriology Infection

Antimicrobial Peptides

Problems in Infectious Disease Practice

Antibiotics Overuse & Resistance

Infection Prevention & Control Guidelines

Alternatives to Antibiotics

Blood Infectious Diseases

Antibiotics: Countries

Neurological Infectious Disease

Antibiotics for Throat Infection

Preventing & Controlling Viral Hepatitis

Mechanisms of Antibacterial Resistance

Acute Rheumatic Fever

Drug Discovery Technologies in Antibiotics

Rheumatic Heart Disease

The Next Generation Approach of Antibiotics

Diseases of Reproductive Organs

Interaction & Side-Effects of Antibiotics

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Antibiotics for Emerging

Communicable/Non-Communicable Diseases

Re-Emerging Diseases

Diagnosis, Management & Treatment of Infectious Diseases

Increased Human Morbidity & Mortality

Hepatitis A & Hepatitis B

Antimicrobial Resistance in Animals